Wednesday 6 May 2015

Lost in E-Prime?

There are a few excellent sources out there for getting help with your experiment. Apart from the book, which you of course already own, there's the regular E-Prime manual and getting started guide (both included with the E-Prime package). Especially if you already have a precise idea on the specific paradigm you plan on using, the System for Teaching Experimental Psychology (STEP) may provide valuable insights and solid starting points. Once you're stuck with a more specific issue, have a technical question, or are in any other need of support with your E-Prime experiment, E-Prime's developer PST provide brilliant support themselves. If your issue is of a more theoretical nature, or you just prefer crowd-sourcing solutions from academics, you could also post your questions to the E-Prime forum or mailinglist. The latter is maintained by a group of volunteers and remains, at the point of writing, remarkably active for such a prehistoric social network!


  1. Dear,
    I am Chiara Fini, post doc of UGENT, I am currently using e prime to implement a simple task, that nevertheless makes me fell in trouble. Basically, I have to say to e-prime to pick different images from two different lists, one of this list is composed by visual stimuli in association with a sound. I tried to create nested lists, but e prime selects just one item from each list and the task is finished. I want that all the stimuli are randomly selected from both the lists till each list is terminated.