Wednesday 1 December 2021

Tips and tricks for E-Prime Go

I just read my last post back, which said "we're right now in the midst of the Corona epidemic" - such naïvety! Similarly, in my recently published book, A Psychologist’s guide to EEG: The electric study of the mind, I wrote around the same time that I hoped this would be the year of the virus, not the beginning of the Viral Age. It must be admitted that's a pretty snappy name, but clearly I showed myself overoptimistic. 

But hey, at least we have E-Prime Go!

In this post, I will give a couple of tips and tricks informed by my recent experiences with running E-Prime Go experiments. How to improve timing, avoid random crashes, and in the event of a random crash, how to get the E-Recovery file. Some of the tips I self-plagiarised from what I wrote myself on ResearchGate.