If you are interested in a quick start or advanced advise on designing and programming psychology experiments in E-Prime, feel free to ask the E-Primer authors if they are available to help organizing a workshop.

Examples of previous workshops:

  • Undergraduate course "Psychology in Practice" (undergraduate students in Psychology), Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom. 2017-2018. (Spape)
  • Workshop "E-Prime for researchers" (basic and advanced), Leiden University, The Netherlands. 2015 - now. (Van Steenbergen)
  • Research Master course Psychology "Experimentation I: Programming Psychological Experiments", Leiden University, The Netherlands. 2011 - 2015. (Van Steenbergen)
  • Workshop "How to program psychological experiments using E-prime", Hong Kong University, PRC. July, 2015. (Verdonschot)
  • Workshop "How to program psychological experiments using E-prime", Nagoya University, Japan. February, 2014. (Verdonschot)
  • Doctoral Course "Programming Psychological Experiments in E-Prime" (basic and advanced), University of Ghent, Belgium. 2013, 2014. (Van Steenbergen).
  • Workshop in E-Prime (beginners, advanced), JURE, Regensburg, Germany (Spape).

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