Wednesday 10 June 2020

Finally, online experiments with E-Prime Go: Ready to go?

We're right now in the midst of the Corona pandemic and, obviously, the situation is in many ways terrible. Indeed, us E-Primers are relatively well off, given that we are not exactly at the front lines of hazardous, critical jobs or experience the economic uncertainty of freelance/precarious workers. Still, we are stuck at home as lockdowns continue, and even with the strongest measures gradually being lifted, it is still pretty much impossible to recruit human participants for studies to take place in our behavioural labs.

Online experiments may well provide a reasonable stop-gap solution and Psychology Software Tools, the developers of E-Prime, came up with a timely, free extension to E-Prime that enables us to get data from over the internet: E-Prime Go. So, seriously, a free update allows us to finally run E-Prime online?! How did they manage that? In this post, I will explain by reviewing E-Prime Go from the point of view of a typical user, answering the questions: How does it work, is it any good, what is still missing, and what should you as a user keep in mind if you want to go Online. But just to prime you with my opinion: it works locally, impressively well, though it doesn't do cross-platform, but is rather headache free and gets the job done. All in all a fantastic feat by PST that is timely, critical, and critically timed!