Wednesday 10 February 2016

E-Prime vs Surface Pro 4: High PPI woes

A little while ago, I (Michiel) promised a review of E-Prime on the new Surface Pro 4 (SP4). The idea is this: given that these machines are developed by the same company (i.e. Microsoft), they should all work in rather similar ways, so that, for once, we have that rare thing in the non-Mac community: a common experience. Apart from the convenience in terms of transferable user experience or bug reporting, this has obvious benefits for experimental design and replicability in particular. Furthermore, PST did extensive testing with the SP3, and I hope they keep that up, creating a kind of optimal experimental experience with a single device having known benefits and drawbacks. Finally, being into motor control and perception-action integration research, I am obviously keen on using the touch and pen in experiments.

So, full of good cheer, I started with E-Prime ( running on Windows 10 build 10586 and quickly ran into problems.